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Types of Jobs in Telecommunications:

The telecommunications industry offers a wide range of technical, business, sales and administrative job opportunities. The industry covers traditional telephone services, mobile communications, broadband Internet access and video transmission. Jobs are available with carriers who provide the networks that transmit telecommunication signals, operators who provide fixed or mobile services to customers, equipment manufacturers and retailers.

Modern telecommunications serve as the lifeline of global commerce, allowing us to easily conduct business across national borders while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

jobs in telecom field

In simplest terms, telecommunications involves sending messages from one point to another using electronic media– the Internet, radio broadcasting, cable and satellite transmissions, as well as wired and mobile phones, Telecommunications technology has transformed the way we communicate and transmit information, and has allowed our modern, global economy to progress faster than ever before.


Jobs in telecommunications include:

  • Account executive
  • Announcer
  • Advertising copywriter
  • Disc jockey
  • Audio/video editor
  • Electronic publication specialist
  • Film director
  • Media content creator
  • Investigative reporter
  • Multimedia specialist
  • News writer
  • Producer
  • Publisher
  • Radio/television newscaster
  • Script writer
  • Social media manager
  • Web page designer
  • Station programmer
  • Sales representative
  • News reporter
  • Technical writer
  • Television director
  • Television engineer

Master’s Degrees in Telecommunications

Master’s degrees in telecommunications prepare students with the technological skills, critical tools, and the knowledge needed to perform, persuade, and communicate in our global media environment.

Students graduating with degrees in telecommunications from accredited universities or colleges in the U.S. can easily find employment in public and private sector organizations.

jobs in telecom field

Individuals graduating with online degrees in communication tend to find work in various telecommunications companies, internet service providers and telecommunications equipment manufacturing firms.

Admission into a telecommunications master’s degree is dependent upon the completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, a minimum undergraduate GPA, and GRE scores. It is common for institutions to also require admission essays, references, and interviews with the admissions staff.

Many institutions offering master’s degrees in telecommunications allow students to focus their graduate study on a number of areas within telecommunications,

Such as:

  • Management
  • Law and policy
  • Production
  • International telecommunications
  • Telecommunications and society

jobs in telecom field